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1124 days ago
1049 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Lenz , Tom Steinberg , Pablo Collada , Steven Clift 1049 days ago
Next meeting - Tuesday 9th September 16.00 BST (Jen to sort out the hangout details)
Paul L Agenda for the meeting:
1) Review of prior meeting and actions (no more than 10 mins)
2) Defining the milestones for Poplus between now and the end of March 2015
Define up to three milestones for each of the committees
(and reflect upon what has already been achieved in the committees)
(no more 30 mins discussion time)
3) The process for reviewing the micro-grant applications (no more than ten mins)
4) AOB and review of actions (no more than 10 mins)
Agreement points:
a) Having a milestone of successful deployments of Poplus components
  • i) 4 by the end of December 2014
  • ii) 2 further by the end of March 2015
b) Having "virtual onboarding" for people new to Poplus - e.g, two two-hour hangout sessions with technologists and evangelists from Poplus - one every two months, first one to be mid October, next two months later
Tom S c) Specify and then deliver 'products' for each of three different possible user groups. e.g Poplus core actor, more techy but less involved in the community, less techy but very much interested in the benefits of using technology for their work - end of October target date - TS to draft - see action
Paul L d) Comms committee milestones to be agreed post Tom / Paul  / SC 
Actions for the next meeting:
Steven C 1) SC to share questions for polling the members about funding priorities
Paul L 2) Make clear where the successful implementations of the components  - can this be owned by the comms committee ?
3) Have written and agreed a clear definition of the groups that we aim to reach in order to achieve our milestones
4)  TS to draft overviews for c) - a couple of paras for each target group - with nice visual examples
5) Closing date for the micro grants is the 10th - PL to mail saying submit up to Friday
6) PL to share the details of the grant applications to the gov committee by COP Friday
7) Call early during the w/c 15th September to finalise (gov committee)
8) Notifications sent out by the 17th

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