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Chris Last

1088 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by jen@mysociety.org , James McKinney , Paul Lenz , Chris Last 1088 days ago
Next meeting - 01/08/2014 17:00 BST
James M Agenda
  • Should we recommend a minimum quorum for committee decisions to hold? For example, if there are only two people in a meeting, should they be able to make decisions for all of Poplus?
  • SC can:
  • manage the meetings calendar
  • check up on the health of the committees
  • ACTION: write a statement of what SC is responsible for
  • SC comprised of members on rotation with each committee represented.
  • Shorter rotation period to get more people involved?
  • ACTION: send invitation out to committees (collected below)
  • SC can author tips for participation, e.g.:
  • If a group is “on the edge” with only 3-4 regular participants, it may be safest to have a rotating chair with a few simple responsibilities, so that everyone feels some commitment to the group. Responsibilities for the chair can be to draft the agenda (possibly reusing a template), post the hangout link, lead the participants through the agenda; the chair of the next meeting can be responsible for cleaning up the current meeting notes and posting them to the group.
  • If a group regularly has many participants, it’s easy to think, “well, I can sit this one out, I usually don’t say much anyhow.” To keep the numbers up and avoid dropping to a “core” group of really self-motivated people, the acting chair can nudge regular participants by sending them all an email directly the day before.
  • Consider changing committee schedules to monthly instead of biweekly. (+1 (PL))
  • Merge governance and finance?
Paul L
  • ACTION: Do it - Paul and James to raise this on the finance call which is arranged for next Thursday
James M Minutes
  • Paul: we do need some kind of legal entity to cover the fundraising side of things, and accepting money. 
  • Chris: we could look at having a friendly org in each country/region who could accept funding on behalf of the organisation - then distribute the money
  • Paul: Could just be an incorporated company in one territory; to stop the risk of there being conflict between the finance committee and the friendly org - because of reporting issues on donor funds. Positions should not be positions for life - so that there's a rotation of directors within a committee.
  • Chris: Longevity of knowledge could be an issue here - Also quality of governance. We could have an advisory board that's stable and permanent and rotating board of dir's that brings freshness to the committee. 
  • Pablo: So, to begin with, I´d like to ask what would the money be used for: I understand: one general coordinator, the event, and possible funds for deployments?
  • People are approaching us asking if there could be funding for developers to install or add on to components as this could be useful for a central fund rather than expecting each group to seek grant funding for their own company to do this which might stop people being so enthusiastic about trying to install poplus components.
  • Roles for the steering committee will need to be defined quite clearly.
  • ACTION: get steering committee to define which roles are within the steering committee and who might do what. See action above for better wording.
  • We really need to concentrate on getting more people to attend committee meetings and keep the momentum going.
  • Broad agreement that there should be a steering committee and the committee should be made of members of all the other committees. 
  • ACTION: Set up committee w/ reps from each committee (collected below)
  • ACTION: Get in touch with each committee to try and get them involved (collected below)
  • If there's a project that a member has that they have insufficient resources to undertake, we could try and re-motivate the communities around helping that member solve their problem.
  • We need to proactively representing poplus at events and speaking around the world with organisations. Evangelising will be through speaking about poplus and building beautiful easily usable tools but in terms of fundraising we could specifically target a county. However targeting a country in general can be difficult to get right. Defining where we're evangelising is a role for Poplus Steering Committee; eg do we grow organically or do we define where we go to speak?
  • Should we consider mooting wordpress plugins to the components team as a way of helping the less technical groups or wordpress administrators?
  • Depends on how many people doing the parliamentary monitoring are using wordpress - we need to find this out. 
  • Poplus shouldn't be involved in advocacy, that should be down to the groups that work in the countries who are installing the code. 
  • We need to simplify the structure of the governance committee. Committee that can update on what they're doing and their concerns. Would need to be organic. Facilitate initiatives, directive in defining opportunities, financing the organisation. 
  • Trying to be constant in the definition of the calls to action for the whole community: one of the biggest things the governance committee should be doing.
  • Setting standards to help people work together better
  • ACTION: post up summary of committee structure to the group. (Jen)
  • ACTION: contact each of the committees and ask them to recommend/nominate someone to represent the committee at the next governance committee (Jen) - try to make from different regions; the representatives of each committee!
  • ACTION: arrange next call in ~ 1 month (Jen) 
  • ACTION: Create agenda for next call; including concerns from committees and major themes.
James M
  • ACTION: Circulate a description of SC's responsibilities to people on call, and share with list for any input (James to do this based on Jen's minutes)
11 June 2014

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