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855 days ago
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Upcoming Events where Poplus community could meet - please add your events here!
Calendars to watch:
  • Late August 2015: Hacks Hackers BA's Media Party, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • 2-4 September 2015, International Anti-Corruption Conference, Malaysia: http://16iacc.org/
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • 7 - 8 Sep 2015: AbreLatam 2015, Santiago, Chile
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • mySociety will be hosting a research workshop and will have a stand in the Open Fair. 
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
  • Anyone going? (please add your name here)
1004 days ago
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James McKinney not present - any updates about Represent Boundaries?
James M
  • JM: Nothing to report!
Difference between MapIt and RB: we are not fully familiar with RB
Myf N
MapIt is a simple service that takes a lat/long and returns the IDs of any admin boundaries that that point falls within. Exists as an API that returns JSON or html that can return readable pages. It's used in FixMyStreet so when you click on a map it will return the councils responsible for that area; we also use it in WriteToThem to match postcodes with representatives. We rate limit it a bit but anyone can use the API. 
James M
  • JM: Yes, fundamentally MapIt and RB do the same thing. The link above describes the fine-grained differences.
Paul: In the UK it's being used for a voter advice application in advance of the election. Will use the MapIt information to match user to constituency and tell the user how others are planning to vote/what opinions are in their constituency.
  • JM: RB is frequently used for same purpose.
Guglielmo: speaking about the effort of integrating Poplus components, have published an integration toolkit on github https://github.com/openpolis/poplus-pci
Guglielmo C The toolkit will allows easy connections to any poplus component's API to anyone developing in Python.
It currently speaks with Mapit (read-only), and Popit (read-write).
It's going to speak with Sayit, soon, extensions to other components are straightforward.
It's been used to import italian parliament members into http://parlamento.popit.mysociety.org,
It's been used to implement the prototype published at http://politikos.openpolis.it, which is a django project that mashes up data from http://mapit.openpolis.it and http://parlamento.popit.mysociety.org, without storing them into a local database.
The prototype implements some of the user stories outlined in the PolitikOS user stories document (E1, and partially E2 and E4). Want to rebuild the whole http://politici.openpolis.it using Poplus Components. 
Myf N This task was funded by the Poplus awards and it's underway right now.
Felipe: Is it configurable?
Guglielmo: Yes you can grab data from a number of different components simultaneously, perhaps we could have an in depth tech call another time to talk more about that.
Some of the difficulties we've found using Components:
  • we've been trying to get everything out of them. One thing - MapIt has a weird urls schema. The API is not really REST and doesn't use HATEOAS principle. It's difficult to navigate in the API, move from one result to the other easily, or turn result pages
  • For the use cases we're using right now it's mostly ok.
It's a django project but an old fashioned one, doesn't use Django Rest Framework or Tastypie.
Dave W: MapIt was built for our own purposes, management tasks on the command line to write to the data, you're right, and it isn't suitable for all tasks and yes, it is old.
Guglielmo: Could be easily rewritten using Django Rest Framework or Tastypie. Could offer more RESTful API.
Guglielmo: By the end of March we will have finished the prototype although it's not very clear which parts we are going to integrate. We wd like to add SayIt so that we are integrating three different components. There is a prototype that is live right now.
Citizens are also using YNMP directly to find out about the candidates for the forthcoming UK general election. About 3.500 a day at the moment and growing exponentially.
Jen: mySociety research event: Conference sold out. Social media around the conference plus videos of sessions avail after conf
1144 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Paul Lenz 1144 days ago
Meeting Wednesday 29th October 13:00 BST hangout link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c168ad5hg74rsant4rm4pc3ge6c (Please note, this is a perpetual hangout and will work EVERY meeting)
4) Go over milestones and progress (10 mins)
Paul L
  • i) 4 by the end of December 2014
  • ii) 2 further by the end of March 2015
1213 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Steven Clift 1213 days ago
d) The budget was discussed - agreed to come up with a "Stretch"  / Blue Sky scenario on there as well
1236 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by gemma@mysociety.org 1236 days ago
1. Feedback from Transparency Camp and OKFest: What Poplus events took place there? What went well/what could be done better next time? 
gemma@mysociety.org Notes from session at OkFest can be read here: https://pad.okfn.org/p/UnFestival 
Notes from session at TCamp called 'When Open Source is not enough for sharing' can be found here: http://transparencycamp.org/schedule/2014/when-open-source-is-not-enough-for-sharing/
1257 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by gemma@mysociety.org 1257 days ago
  • Storing voting data in a structured, accessible format
1271 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by James McKinney 1271 days ago
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